Discover Why This University-Educated Nutritionist is a Hunter

Heather Kelly is the Founder of Heather’s Choice – a food startup out of Anchorage, Alaska.

Heather has a degree in Evolutionary Nutrition and is also a skilled athlete, having rowed on Western Washington University’s varsity team. However, Heather’s culinary education started long before her university days, with a mother who valued quality, local, organic food. This is Heather’s story.

From Vegan to Hunter

On the face of it, a hunter could not possess a more contrasting set of values than with the vegan. But are the ideals behind these two lifestyles so different? Karl’s personal exploration of the industrial food production system and its impact on the planet will undoubtedly make you think.


From Chef to Hunter

As a chef with an upbringing rooted in fishing, prawning, and crabbing, the decision to become a hunter was a natural evolution in Ryan’s search for the most sustainable and highest quality food sources he and his wife could provide for their young family. See how this couple, fishes, hunts, forages and maintains a deep connection with the coastal environment they call home.


Discover Why This City-Living Audio Producer Hunts

Mike Pedersen lives in one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. For over a decade, he’s worked as an audio producer on film, music and podcasts. He’s also an avid hunter.

Mike hunts to reconnect, to honour his father and to get away from the stress and long hours of the studio. He only got into hunting in recent years, but now it’s a huge part of his life. This is Mike’s story.

William is Quadriplegic. This is Why He Hunts.

Meet William McCreight. William is quadriplegic from a motor vehicle accident, and as a result, he has had to adapt his hunting style.

He hunts for tradition, to get connected with the wilderness again, to be out in the bush with friends and to enjoy clean, organic food. Learn more about William’s connection to hunting – this is William’s story.

Why This Urban Procurement Manager Hunts

Join us as we chat with hunters for a fresh look and new perspectives on an ancient practice.

Kelly Molnar is a Procurement Manager. He hunts for the journey, adventure and camaraderie. He knows the memories made on the hunt last a lifetime.