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1Campfire provides an inclusive and welcome space for people to engage in an honest dialogue about hunting.

We seek to dispell the myths and misconceptions about hunters that have gathered steam over the past several decades. We are committed to wildlife management and respecting our roles as stewards of the environment. We’re not here to convert the non-hunters, but to extend the hand of friendship and build a bridge that leads to our Campfire.

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Welcome to our Campfire. We invite you to pull up a seat and join the conversation, and help us reach new voices and share the stories of unconventional hunters and people who are engaged and interested in supporting wildlife conservation and the environment.

1Campfire is for everyone; hikers, environmentalists, foodies, sustainability advocates… and hunters. All are welcome around our Campfire.

Your support lends a louder voice to advocate for your outdoor activities and food sources in British Columbia and beyond.


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