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The Pinky Promise with Madeline Demaske

The Pinky Promise with Madeline Demaske

Steve and JP sit down with Madeline (Madie) Demaske and have an in-depth chat about her journey from childhood to where she is now at the age of 27.

If you listened to commonplace labels, Madie would be the last person you would think would be a hunter. However, she smashes those stereotypes. Articulate and well-spoken, she is an attorney specializing in international conservation law.

You will learn what changed her life at the age of 12, to what a pinky promise means in their family to what she learned during COVID.

Listen for that long pause at the end where Madie must compile her thoughts. This is not an editing error, but one we intentionally left in to show the emotion and pause she must take before articulating her response.

This is a great episode that we are sure you will love, as you hear firsthand what that connection means to her on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.


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