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Episode 20 Hinterland Outdoors

Episode 20 Hinterland Outdoors


Episode 20 of the Campfire Conversations is here.

A problem wildlife officer by day, Ben Brochu is a person who is passing his love for the outdoors onto his young children, it is obvious from the first 2 minutes of this conversation just how passionate he is about preserving our heritage and wildlife in perpetuity.

Spending 5 months with 6 people on a sailboat doesn’t seem like it is for everyone, but listen to Ben tell how they made it work and how it furthered that desire to connect with the outdoors, and himself.

From how Hinterland Outdoors came to be, to where it is now- this is a fun conversation that gets back to basics on the ‘why’ we choose to immerse ourselves so deeply into the outdoors

Listen to how he talks about what promised to be a near-death situation when down to 3 matches in the dead of winter, this is a conversation that will have you hooked from start to finish.

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Campfire Conversations – Episode 20

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