Welcome to our Faces of Wildlife podcast.

Join your host Mike Pedersen as travels throughout North America exploring the issues that are threatening wildlife, and meeting the people spearheading initiatives to keep them on the landscape.

If you love nature, sustainability and the great outdoors, this podcast will have something for you! We recommend starting with our Season 1 Prologue which is just over four minutes long, as this will give you a taste of what our show is all about.

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SEASON 1 Prologue: The Faces of Wildlife
Welcome to our Faces of Wildlife Prologue. This is your taster of the show and we recommend starting here. In season one, host, Mike Pedersen, begins his journey in his home province, and Canada’s most westerly outpost, British Columbia, exploring the issues impacting wildlife and the key players looking to help keep them on the landscape.

Episode 1: Mule Deer - Urban Pest or Species at Risk?

Mule deer might not seem like a species at risk, especially if you live in a city with an urban deer problem, but their numbers are actually on the decline in some areas, and we’re trying to find out why. On this episode, Mike heads to the University of British Columbia’s Kelowna campus to talk to Dr. Adam Ford and Chloe Wright about the Southern Interior Mule Deer Project. There’s a lot more to mule deer than you might realize…

Episode 2: How a Devastating Wildfire Actually Helped the Wild Sheep Population

Okanagan Mountain Park made headlines around the world when a massive wildfire ignited the Kelowna park during the summer of 2003. The 25,912 hectare fire, which was started by a lightning strike, was devastating for homeowners as 239 buildings were destroyed in its wake. 
But despite its destructive effect on humans, the fire had massive benefits to flora and fauna inside the park. From the ashes came an opportunity to reintroduce wild sheep back into the area after many years of absence. Our guest, Chris Barker, was part of the team that reintroduced those sheep back into the park and he shares the story of this incredible initiative. 

Episode 3: Caribou - A Classically Canadian Species at Risk (Part 1)

On episode three, Mike heads east to Revelstoke, British Columbia to chat with Dr. Rob Serrouya and Brian Glaicar. In this first of two episodes dedicated to caribou, we meet Rob and Brian, cover a brief history of caribou, and look at some of the issues that are putting this iconic Canadian species at further risk of decline. 

Episode 4: Caribou - How Can We Save These Beautiful Animals? (Part 2)

On this episode, we continue the discussion on Caribou and shift our focus to habitat management and predator management. When it comes to caribou, we only have a few options that will help recover this iconic Canadian species, and they aren’t easy to sign off on. But at some point, the government and general population will have to decide if we are committed to seeing caribou on our landscape. These difficult decisions are discussed by a guide outfitter, a scientist and a conservation expert.

Episode 5: Who Pays to Fund Fish, Wildlife and Habitat Initiatives in BC?

On this episode, Mike chats with Brian Springinotic – CEO of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation in Victoria, British Columbia.

The HCTF exists because its major contributors (hunters, anglers, trappers, and guide-outfitters) were willing to pay for conservation work above and beyond that expected by the government for basic management of wildlife and fish resources.

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation acting as Trustee of the Habitat Conservation Trust.

Episode 6: Becoming a Conservationist

On this final episode of Faces of Wildlife, we learn more about host Mike Pedersen’s journey into conservation. This is the story of how Mike got involved in wildlife management and habitat preservation.

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