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Mount Everest and Ultralight Backpacking

Mount Everest and Ultralight Backpacking

What could a person that attempted Mount Everest and made it to 26,000 feet before being forced down, an ultralight backpacker that is working their way through the Continental Divide Trail, an Optometrist and a Hunter have in common?

You may be surprised that they are the same person

For years, there has been a stereotype around hunting, and hunters. We go beyond face value. We are not as different as you may think

1Campfire is about sustainability, connection, and tradition

We are about breaking molds, smashing stereotypes and inclusivity

We strive to bring commonalities between hunters and non-hunters to the forefront, and to bridge the gap that for too long has divided us

Please feel free to pull up a seat at our Campfire, and to bring your questions forward

We would love to have you join us

Welcome to our Campfire

Campfire Conversations – Episode 5

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