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Cries Of The Savanna With Sue Tidwell

Cries Of The Savanna With Sue Tidwell

This episode is taken from our Talk is Sheep series. This was such a great interview, we felt that it would be prudent to repurpose it to our 1Campfire audience.

This is a fascinating listen, as they dive deep into her story. We are sure it will grab you too.

Tidwell, a non-hunter deeply troubled by the concept of hunting some of Africa’s most exotic wildlife, finds herself a reluctant sidekick on an epic 21-day hunting safari. Largely through a close friendship developed during the course of the safari with a young female game scout named Lilian, her eyes were opened to the complex and multi-faced issues of African wildlife conservation and the rural people of Africa.
An adventure. An awakening. A journey to understanding African wildlife conservation.

Find her book “Cries of the Savanna” on Amazon, or on her website www.suetidwell.com

Campfire Conversations – Episode 3

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