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We are not as different as you may think

Words by Taina… 

“I have always felt that it’s important to be connected to our food, to garden and forage and really think about what we are consuming and the implications its production has on the rest of the world. Physically connecting with & giving thanks to the animals that I harvest, as well as aiding conservation efforts, allow me to pay respect to nature in a way that others simply cannot.” 

When you think of a sterotypical hunter


Does Taina fit the mold? For years, there has been a stigma that surrounds those that choose to harvest their own protein, for those that choose to live off the land in a way that is completely sustainable, renewable and has minimal impact.

In times like COVID, we are incredibly lucky to be able to rely on Mother Nature’s bounty.

Respect, reverence, tradition.

When someone asks “Why”, take the opportunity to engage and enlighten.
Tell them “I Hunt”.

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