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1Campfire | Wilderness, Wildlife, and Common Ground

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Find a Common Ground


Where wilderness, wildlife & common ground unite.

Across Canada and around the world, if you find a campfire in the woods, on a mountaintop, or next to a river, you’ll find people huddled around it.

Since we first learned how to make fire, it has brought us together.

If you love the outdoors, care about where your food comes from, and are concerned about the future of wildlife and the environments they need to survive, this is your place.

Welcome to our campfire. We’d love it if you’d join us!

Share your story

1Campfire exists to bring people that love the outdoors together. To inspire constructive dialogue. To tackle tough, but no less critical subjects. This is a place where inclusivity, empathy, and an open mind are the rule, not the exception. 

Whether you’re a hiker, hunter, gatherer, or just a person who loves the great outdoors, we invite you to share your story. Tell us about your life in the city, a favourite outdoor adventure, or share a beloved recipe. There’s a spot for everyone around our campfire.


We are not as different as you may think… Watch the videos below to hear the unique stories of people you may be surprised to learn are hunters.

What is 1Campfire?

Often we get asked “What is 1Campfire?”

A question that has no single answer. 

1Campfire is a feeling, a passion, a drive and a deeply rooted belief for the future. 

1Campfire is mine. It’s yours. 

 It’s everyone who cares about fish, wildlife, the outdoors, and all its pursuits. 

If you’ve ever wondered in amazement at the sunrise, the sunset, the mountains to the ocean, 1Campfire is yours as well. 

Everyone is welcome around our Campfire, so pull up a seat…we have a story to tell.

Deer in its natural environment

Nice to meet you!

Let’s begin with honesty. 1Campfire was created by hunters.

We founded this project to help breakdown stereotypes and find common ground with non-hunters. This is a conversation; a two-way street. We have so much in common with our fellow outdoor enthusiasts and we want to learn more about you, and share some of our stories too.

Regardless of your outdoor lifestyle, we invite you to pull up a seat, listen to stories, and share your own. We’re not as different as we may think.